Monday, July 20, 2009

The Swans visit Tim's Secondhand Furniture Shop

The Swans have come to see what they can find in Tim's shop.
"Good morning, can I help you?"
"Oh, good morning. We don't have any kitchen appliances - do you have any in stock?"
"Certainly, if you'll just come through to the other room."

"Oh, Mummy, look at these gold cups! They must be for giants! Have you met a giant, Mr Tim?"

"Just through here you'll find stoves, washing machines - even a kitchen sink!"
"Terrific - we don't have a sink either."

"Come on, darling, we can ask about giants later."

"Hmm, an old twin-tub, even one with a wringer - don't fancy washing the baby's nappies in those. But this stove looks alright."

"This washing machine looks better - much more modern. Can we have it down to have a look at it?"
"Certainly, madam."

"Oh yes, that looks fine, don't you think darling? What about a fridge, do you have any?"

"I'm sorry, madam, we don't get them in very often, and unfortunately I've just sold one."

"Oh, OK, we'll have to try the Trading Post then. So what else - could we have a look at that kitchen sink you mentioned?"

"Just back in here, madam - here we are. I can get this down for you too if you'd like to have a look?"

"Oh yes, please, that would be good.
Oh, this wall unit is great! And it's got a built-in stereo system. We'll take this too, thanks."

Tim gets his assistant Johnno in to help him move the sink.

Johnno's a young bloke who looks a bit rough - shaves his head, and doesn't look too clean. But he's a good worker, and is a real help to Tim with moving the stock in and out.

The sink and matching kitchen cupboard are rather out-of-date, but they'll do for now.

"What else do we need, darling? Oh yes, kitchen chairs. We have an old table, but nothing to sit on, just the good dining chairs."
Johnno sets out several kitchen chairs for the Swans to try.

"Oh, this red plastic one is much too low. How's yours, darling?"
"It's fine - do you have any to match it, mate?"
"This other red one is really too small, I can't get comfortable on it."
"We have one chair to match the wooden one, sir - and there's a single chair that's very nice - we'll just get that out for you to try, madam."

"Oh yes, very comfortable. I suppose it won't matter to have odd chairs in the kitchen for a while. We'll take the white one and this wooden one - not that other one, it's too old-fashioned."

"I noticed a few things in the first room you might like to have a look at, darling."
"And so did I, Mummy! Come and see what I found!"
"What do you think of this cabinet for the dining room?"

"And I want the ballerina lamp, Mummy - ple -ee- ease!"
"Yes, we do need some lights, so you can have it, darling, especially as you remembered the magic word. The blue one would be good for the family room, too."
"Oh thank you, Mummy! And look at this little desk! It's just the right size for me. Wouldn't it be good when I start big school?"

"There's some more things over here too, darling - come and have a look."
"If we could just have a look at this bookcase, please, it might do for the kids' books and toys."
"Oh, and look, here's another lamp in the corner, it would look good in our bedroom."

"OK, that's pretty much it. Oh, but do you have any occasional tables?"
"Just this one, madam, I'll get it out for you."
"Mm, the top's loose, but I'm sure I could fix that. It'll do for now."

"Thank you, that's all for now. Can you deliver everything, please?"
"Certainly, madam. There's a $20 fee for delivery. Could I have your address, please?"
"Swan House, Caroline St, Barton."
"No problem, we can deliver it first thing tomorrow."
"Oh great, thank you, that will be wonderful, then we can unpack and move in."
"Thanks, mate, we'll see you tomorrow morning, then."
"Thank you, sir. Goodbye, madam, and thank you."

(Time for Tim to re-stock, I think!
The furniture the Swans bought includes a washing machine and stove by Marx; sink and kitchen cupboard by Twigg; wall unit by Lisa; cabinet and white chair by Lundby; ballerina lamp (and others?) by Sufa; desk by Dol-toi; wooden chairs by Barton; and side table and small green and white bookcase by unknown.)

(Sorry, I cannot get the small pictures to line up across the page. They do it in the preview, and stubbornly go one above the other when I publish!)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Carpets in the Swan House

Finally, new carpets have been laid in the Swan House! The Swan family were starting to think it would never happen. But now they've been able to move in the furniture they already possess, and think about what else they will need before they themselves can move in.

The dining table and chairs were a wedding present - they look very nice in the new spacious dining area.

The living room is starting to look more homely:

The bedrooms have beds and somewhere to keep clothes.

The bathroom looks good, with a Brio bathroom
intended for a Brio house on which the sale fell through:

The kitchen, however, still looks very bare:

The Swans aren't sure why there isn't even a sink in here - were all the kitchen fitments trashed by the previous owners? or did they intend to renovate, and didn't get past removing the old kitchen? Whatever the reason, the Swans need a functional kitchen before they can move in.

So, after taking a breather in the TV room off the balcony, they are off to Tim's Secondhand Shop to see what he can supply.

(Their carpet layer, Rebecca, has decided that she should not leave her current job to take up carpet laying. She would also appreciate suggestions from anybody who knows how to get photos lined up across the page, as hers will not stay where she tries to put them.)