Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sherry and Pepper have a party

Pepper and Sherry are having a party. Things look a bit strained, though, and Sunny and Mandy don't seem very comfortable ..... Are Pepper and Sherry arguing?

Or are they just talking to some of the girls in the other rooms?

Lacey is feeling a bit off colour, and is staying in bed.

Melly and Sandy have come to keep her company, but Sandy's idea of keeping her company was to play the radio very loudly. Melly turns it down, and tells Sandy off for being selfish and not thinking of Lacey ...

Heather and Libby are in the kitchen finding some food ... Perhaps some drinks would help make the party livelier, too?

Michaela is in the bathroom, despairing at the state of her hair.

"Why don't you get it cut short, like mine?" asks Susie. "It will be much easier to take care of then."

The girls are Dolly Darlings by Palitoy. Sunny and Susie have their original names, but who would want to be called Lounge Suit or Powder Puff?

I have just discovered that Dolly Darlings had their own playrooms - a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. However, I don't have them - the rooms my Dolly Darlings live in are by Blue-Box.

They don't have a date on them, as some Blue-box dolls houses do. Many of the furnishings, and the colours, look quite retro ...

But that looks like a laptop computer in the bedroom, so they must be considerably later than the 1970s!

Never mind, I think the rooms suit the 1960s Dolly Darlings very well - who knows what they make of the laptop! I added some extra furniture - Fisher Price bunk beds and kitchen table and chairs, Linda from Hong Kong lounge chairs.

The buttons you can see at the front of each room turn on battery-powered lights and sounds in each room. Sometime I'll take videos of them, so you can get the full effect!

PS. I have turned on the Comment Verification again. I got tired of getting comments from spammers who said things like, "Great post, and by the way have you seen my website, house painting in Missouri?" I hope it won't be too hard for you to work out those pesky numbers - why are they such poor images here, when some other websites have quite clear verification numbers?!