My Australian Dolls Houses

ca 1900 dolls house from the collection of Romy Roeder

ca 1920s/30s large house with bay windows, bought from Melbourne

1920s Queenslander bungalow, bought from Brisbane

ca 1920s/30s Federation Bungalow house, Chatswood, NSW

ca 1920s/30s Bungalow, Castle Hill, NSW

late 1920s, homemade with parquet flooring, Sydney

ca 1920s/30s leadlight house, Victoria
ca 1920s/30s "Californian bungalow" style house, Sydney
1930s John Sands Rogers Paints promotional cardboard dolls house
ca 1930s/40s Sydney
ca 1930s/40s Walther & Stevenson single farm house, Sydney
ca 1930s-1950s? possibly Walther & Stevenson (Sydney), bought from Melbourne
Teachest house, from South Australia
1940s, homemade, nr Kyogle, NSW
ca 1930s-50s, from Ashfield, Sydney, NSW

ca 1940s/50s? NSW
ca 1950s? Odessa's House, from Sydney
ca 1953, Elegant Novelties, Melbourne . Below, original colours.

ca 1950s homemade 1/35th house from Sydney

ca 1960s Queenslander style made by inmate of Long Bay Jail, bought from western Sydney

1960s Bestoys dolls house, Sydney, NSW

1966 transfer house, Victoria
ca 1960s homemade dolls house with lift-up garage door, NSW south coast

mid 1960s bungalow dolls house made by Len Clippingdale, Glengarry, West Tamar, Tasmania

1968/69 John Sands cardboard dolls house, Sydney

"Skippy" dolls house, ca 1968
ca 1960/70s, nr Lismore, NSW

ca 1960s/70s, South Australia
1971 homemade bungalow, Sydney
ca 1960s/70s homemade two-storey house with tab & slot construction

ca 1970s homemade house, Darwin

ca 1970s NEStoys dolls house, Sydney, NSW

mid 1970s Bestoys Laura, Sydney

mid 1970s Bestoys Bambolina, Sydney

Above, ca 1975/76 Right Toys dolls house, bought from Melbourne;
below, also bought from Melbourne, another Right Toys dolls house, or ?

ca 1976-1979 Lumberjack dolls house, Gosford NSW. Above, front; below, side with label.

ca 1970s/80s possible Lumberjack dolls house, Gosford NSW

1977 Woodtoys Pty Ltd, Sydney

1979 Woodtoys Pty Ltd

Late 1970s Toltoys Family Treehouse

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  1. Hi Rebecca I'm not sure if you are still writing on here but I am currently trying to restore my mothers dollhouse and this is the only place I've ever been able to find a photo of one the same it's the NEStoys 1970's you have pictured here with red roof and aqua shutters. Do you know anywhere I would be able to see how it was styled originally? If so could you please email me at thank you!