Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Some dolls for Odessa's house

Cleopatra, Rudolph Valentino as 'The Sheik', and an Indian Maharajah are having drinks on the terrace.

Admiring the view from the balcony .... 

while a maid stands outside the main door below ....

These ladies and gentlemen would need to bend their heads to pass through the doors, especially with their elaborate turbans. I hope they can stand up inside! However, I thought the bright colours of their costumes would go well with the decoration of Odessa's house.
Cleopatra and her companions are Rexard dolls; the others are souvenir dolls from Turkey (the couple) and Egypt (the woman in the green dress).

I will see how they like the inside of the house - perhaps they are just staying here briefly while they shoot some scenes from a film ... or perhaps they will make a longer stay here.