Saturday, February 28, 2009

Homemade Australian - Federation Bungalow, Chatswood NSW

My Federation bungalow has some inhabitants now! I was thinking about what kind of dolls would fit, and looking at various wooden and character dolls on the internet. Then I found some dolls my sister gave me a few years ago:

These are Deepings Dolls, hand-turned and hand-painted in Tasmania. It seems very appropriate that this house should have Australian-made wooden dolls in it - and dolls that look like very ordinary everyday Australians of some time in the mid-twentieth century. The boy is wearing overalls; the woman is wearing a skirt, blouse and apron; the man has his shirt sleeves rolled up, and an open collar with no tie; and the little girl has quite a long frock tied with a big bow.

So here they are in their new home:

Dad and the little boy have been out in the back yard working on the vege patch, and have brought in some carrots. (I'm not quite sure why they are still holding their tools!)
As you can see, some dogs have joined the household too - little pipecleaner dogs from the 20s-30s. One belongs to the little boy, and one is the little girl's:

She has been in the front yard with Mum, picking flowers. Mum has her little garden fork with her, ready to tend the potplants on the verandah - when she gets some!

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