Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some houses which didn't eventuate ...

When I started buying more furnishings for my dolls houses, I was living in a tiny town in the middle of the Northern Territory, and buying online was the only option. I still buy most of my dolls houses and furnishings online, and mostly it works out well. One or two small packages have got lost in the post - but some dolls houses haven't even started out.
When a dolls house I'm particularly interested in is listed as 'pick up only', I sometimes email to ask if the seller could pack it for collection by a courier. I've received some beautiful houses from sellers who did so, including the Federation bungalow. On a couple of occasions, though, the seller has agreed to pack the house, so I bid on it and won - and nothing happened. Either it was just too much trouble to pack it, or the seller decided that the freight costs were too high and not worth the value of the dolls house - even though I would be the one paying the freight!
Here are two houses that didn't get past a winning bid.

This one really appealed to me, with the painted stonework and wooden gable on the outside, and a central spiral staircase inside:

Soon after I won it in 2006, a house with an identical staircase was listed by a UK seller:

As well as the staircase, the window and door frames are the same, so perhaps they are by the same maker. The UK one was identified by Marion Osborne as "made by Playcraft which was a subsidiary of Mettoy. Dated from about 1965 to early 70's."
The house in Australia which I won in 2006 was recently relisted. I would love to have the house, but doubted that I would get any further this time (unless perhaps I used a service which picked up, packed, and freighted).

Another house which didn't come through was a home-made one, fairly plain on the inside, but including a lean-to garage and a garden:

I hope it has found an appreciative home somewhere.

A couple of houses I've won recently haven't started out yet, so I'm hoping that they don't end up as no-shows too!

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