Sunday, March 28, 2010

I've learned how to change the date of a post!

Thank you, Nicola! I had never clicked on Post Options when I was writing a post - and there are windows for the date and time of a post :-)) Quite easy to change, as Nicola said.

So now I don't need to do posts like this:

My new post is here: "Collecting Short Storeys": Molly Fox's Dolls House Collection. Because I started it 3 weeks ago, that's where it shows up in the list of blog posts!


  1. Hi, Rebbecca

    I´ve to go to the new/old post...

    Aber falls du das Problem nochmal hast, dass du ein post schon lange vorher geschrieben hast: Man kann das Datum und die Uhrzeit ändern, bevor man das post online stellt - war das verständlich :) Ich schreibe manchmal auch etwas länger über mehrer Tage und zum Schluß passe ich Datum und Uhrzeit einfach an und dann ist es aktuell.

    LG, Nicola

  2. Thank you, Nicola! I didn't know you could change the date and time of a post! That is very useful to know, so thanks for passing it on :-)

  3. You are welcome :)

    ... i just read the loooong story about Mrs Fox lovely houses and the doll´s house club, etc. So interesting, thanks for all the work! It must be very cool to own a doll´s house which is pictured in an antique book!!!

    Unfortunately i wasn´t able to leaf a comment, because i could not write into the comment box. That´s the reason why i comment here :)


  4. I didn't know either, I have usually solved the problem by copying everything in the html code and pasting it into a new post just before publishing it, and then delete the old post, but this is obviously much more efficient :-) Thank you Nicola!

  5. Thanks,and to Nicola too, I didn't know that either and was waiting to post after an appropriate time. Now I can work on my posts longer. CM