Monday, December 20, 2010

The Rosetta Stone Award

The Rosetta Stone Award was created by a committee of My Realitty's dolls in March this year. One doll from each house attended the board meeting, and, after other business, announced the inaugural Rosetta Stone Award, which is given to a dollhouse blogger who has contributed greatly to the information of dollhouse history. The inhabitants of the dolls houses explained that "though these houses started as toys and may have led a perilous life, once they are in the harbor of the collector they have a story to tell. This award is to acknowledge the sleuthing it takes to discover that story."

This award is issued to only one person, must be kept for 6 months then passed on to another worthy recipient.

I was very honoured to be the first recipient of the award. I think the dolls are probably less impressed with my timeliness in passing it on. Although my dolls decided who to award it to next in plenty of time, I have been very tardy in making the announcement. My apologies.

Valerie Smith has been nominated by the inhabitants of my dolls houses as their representative, and is very happy to present the Rosetta Stone Award to:


Valerie would like to thank diepuppenstubensammlerin for her assistance in identifying the designer of her kitchen table and chairs (Bodo Hennig), as well as the original designer from which her kitchen cabinets were copied (probably Modella; this is a more affordable copy by Blue Box). Many vintage photos of Valerie's family, the descendants of Erna Meyer, have also been located thanks to diepuppenstubensammlerin - and other families, such as the Cacos and Hückels, have also benefited from this service. Valerie Smith also recommends a visit to diepuppenstubensammlerin's online photo albums - Valerie says she loves looking through them!


  1. Good choice! I love Die puppenstubensammlerin's site and all the info she has to offer us.

  2. Thank you very much for the great honour Valerie - a great motivation to continue - I hope you remind me of passing the award to another dolls house blogger when the 6 months have passed...

  3. The perfect choice, except from yourself I can't think of anyone more deserving of the award!

  4. Yay! Congrats diepuppenstubensammlerin! Great choice Rebecca, I mean Valerie.You both have taught us so much about dollhouses and saved their history for posterity! CM

  5. Agree totally with Josje, Pubdoll and CM...a good, great and perfect choice! And thanks to Diepuppenstubensammlerin for sharing so much knowledge with her "fans"!