Saturday, February 5, 2011


Yesterday, I compiled the list of names for the giveaway draw. This was the order of your comments here and on facebook:

1 KDShort
2 Minna
3 Beatrice Dassonville
4 Cola E-son
5 HepzibethClare
6 Margot Ensink
7 shale
8 Thmini2
9 Christine Jaeger
10 Frederieke
11 DollMum
12 Amy
13 Iluna
14 Rosa
15 Marian
16 Sans
17 Karin Goldring
18 Susi
19 Nicola
Some of you said you didn't want to go in the draw, or didn't say you did want to, so your names aren't there. (I do hope I got that right!)

I had also said that the giveaway was for my followers. Now I know this is a great way to get new followers! ;-) I'm very happy to welcome those of you who discovered my blog through this giveaway, and I've enjoyed exploring your blogs, too. But I am sorry, MarVer, I did not put your name in the draw, as I couldn't see you among my followers, or my blog in your list ...

So, the list above was the final list, and the random integer generator spat out:

Congratulations, Amy! The Meyer family will be coming to live with your peeps on Lundby Lane! Please let me know your address - I've sent you a message through ebay with my email address (ebay's useful for lots of things!) Or you could just send me a comment with your address which I won't publish.

Wow, I look forward to seeing where they'll live - is there an empty house they can rent, or will they [you!] have to buy a new one?


  1. Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy. Now we do the New Doll Dance. Great reason to get a new house! You are wonderful Rebecca to have the giveaway and I am so thrilled to be the winner. Lucky, Lucky me. It's a good day! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Congrats to Amy!! The family will be happy with all the peeps at Lundby Lane!!


  3. Hi Rebecca. I wanted you to know that my husband is dreaming up all sorts of creative ideas for the new dolls. He is too funny. He is naming them and telling me of their travels to get here.

    I also wanted to ask if I should post on my blog about my good fortune? I would like to but need to be sure it's okay with you if I use one of the Ermie Doll photos.

  4. Dear Amy, sorry to take so long to reply to your comment. Yes, of course you can blog about it, and you're welcome to use a photo of the Ermey family :-)