Saturday, March 12, 2011

Casas de Muñecas Antiguas

Who collects antique and vintage Spanish dolls houses? A query from a Dolls House Past and Present member about antique Spanish dolls house furniture got me thinking about this, and I started searching and other websites. Just in one evening I found some lovely houses - and I would love to know more about old Spanish dolls houses and their makers.

This one, called Celi, is said to be made in Dénia in the 1950s.

This one is also said to date from the 50s:

while this one, in English Victorian style, is said to date from the 30s or 40s:

The ebay seller who has listed this boxed porcelain dinner set thinks that it was made in Dénia, although the box is unmarked:

The same seller is listing a boxed set of kitchen utensils, which were apparently made in Alicante in the 1940s:

Can anyone tell us more? Was Alicante, and particularly Dénia, a centre of dolls house manufacturing? Do any of my Spanish readers own antique or vintage dolls houses or dolls house furnishings (say, from the 1950s or before)? Or do you know of other collectors, or museums, who own some? Perhaps there is already a website showing them? I would love to discover more!


  1. Oh, they are so charming! What a great topic to explore. I love houses with names on them. I cannot contribute to their information, only admire them. CM

  2. Hola Rebecca: En Alicante, Denia, Ibi, Onil y parte del Levante español existio tradiccion juguetera y aun hoy sigue habiendola. Te mandamos este enlace sobre los juguetes en Denia, esta en español pero espero que puedas traducirlo, es muy interesante. Habla entre otras cosas de los juguetes de madera, pero no hace mencion de las casas de muñecas. Nosotros no tenemos ninguna. Espero te sirva de ayuda. Saludos.

  3. Hola Rebeca
    Sobre casa de muñecas en España hay un museo fabuloso, es Museo Antonio Marco
    C/ La Virgen, 2
    03517 Guadalest (ALICANTE) ESPAÑA
    Telf:965885323, en esta dirección hay fotos de él.
    Espero que con esta dirección , encuentres más información
    Un saludo

  4. Muchas gracias, Luijuas, es muy interesante!

    Hola Rosa, muchas gracias, las fotos son muy interesantes!

    Saludos a los dos :-)