Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Weekend's Reading

Yesterday, I picked up my mail. I have a bit of light reading for the weekend:

In the centre is a wonderful new book by Liza Antrim, showing her collection of family dolls houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. There's lots of information about the makers of the furnishings, much of it discovered by Liza herself. You can order the book from Cider House Press (apparently it's actually being published in February 2012, but some advance copies are available).

I also bought 58 issues of the International Dolls House News! They were listed on ebay recently - a great opportunity to add to my collection, though I haven't yet worked out where I'll keep them! There's lots of great information on vintage and newer miniatures in them, and I've been making an index so I can find relevant issues when I'm doing research for articles.

And yes, that is another issue of the Australian Sportsgoods and Toy Retailer, which seems to be just as full of news about fishing, golfing and social events as the first one I bought. This one does feature a dolls house in an advertisement - not an Australian-made dolls house, but one that I've recently acquired, so I'll show the ad and the house in my next post.

(I seem to have got out of the habit of writing blog posts earlier in the year - I had lots of ideas before I went away, and new dolls houses too, but somehow they haven't made it here yet. I hope I'll do more than one post this month, and get back into the habit of posting!)


  1. Hmmm, plenty of good reason to sit with your feet up, a nice glass of something and relax while reading about our favourite hobby. A long time ago I had an article published in an IDHN about our visit to the Toy museum in Stellenbosch South Africa (look for 1991).
    Best wishes

  2. Thanks for letting me know about that - I do have the 1991 issues (bought in an earlier batch), and I found your article - it's great! I recently came across another South African dolls house collector - Hazel Voice, who lives in in Ramsgate, KwaZulu Natal. Some photos of her settings were featured on KT Miniatures blog, and she has also put a few on Dolls Houses Past and Present.

  3. Dear Rebecca
    pls Email me about any of the pieces I show on my blog!