Monday, March 9, 2009

Jenny's Home

Or, in my case, Jenny's room, as I only have one so far -

It was designed by Triang and Homes and Gardens magazine in 1965, and was sold room by room so it could be gradually built up - into a bungalow, split level house, tower, whatever combination took your fancy.
Mine came with the original curtains and purple carpet. I have furnished it with the Triang Spot-On furniture designed with it - apart from one piece, the Bodo Hennig lamp.

In the mid-1970s, when we moved to a new town, we rented a house for a short time which had bright purple carpets and red curtains (and lime green and yellow wallpaper in the kitchen, just the thing for early morning breakfasts ....). This Bodo Hennig lamp gave me the idea of putting bright red Spot-On chairs on the purple carpet.
(I took this photo mainly to show the side door - moulded plastic, isn't it great?)

The ceiling is formed of two clear plastic panels which lift off, allowing access from the top (and perhaps they're removed if you put another room on top? I don't know, as I don't have one ..)
So here's a view from above:

The dolls are Erna Meyer (my favourite, in case you hadn't worked that out!). They have plenty of reading material - magazines, newspapers, and a bookcase full of books. They also have a radiogram with several records, and the Radio Times to help them decide what programs to listen to.
It looks like there was a picture stuck on the wall at one time - I haven't yet found pictures for this house, so it looks a bit bare.

The front of the room is a clear plastic sliding door. Just inside the two little kids are playing with a cat.

The outer wall on the left is of lovely beige irregularly shaped bricks. The window swings open from a central axis - must take a photo of it open.

I'd love to have another room or two - before I got this room, I lusted after the turquoise furniture, so it would be good to have a room to put some in. I don't know what other colour carpets were supplied - orange might be nice!
Jenny's Home was only produced for 5 years (1965-1970), and they can be pretty expensive now. The Spot-On furniture was produced from 1960-1970, for other Triang houses as well, so there is quite a lot around - of some pieces!


  1. Have you seen these photos?

  2. Yes, she has a wonderful collection, doesn't she!

  3. I love that lamp ! My Jenny is happy as she has just found her mum on Swedish Tradera !!

    good luck collecting the rooms. x

  4. How clever to find Jenny's Mum on Tradera! Jenny does look very happy.
    I'm keeping my eye out for more lamps with great colours and designs.