Friday, August 28, 2009

Two old photos of two German houses

Earlier this month, Pubdoll published a photo challenge she received from Miniatyrmama.
The rules were:

1. open the 4th file where you store your photos...
2. pick out the 4th photo & publish it to your blog...
3. explain a bit about it...
4. pass this challenge to 4 other blogs...

although Pubdoll changed the last step to:
4b. pass it on to all who would like to have an excuse for posting old photos!

I've taken a while to do it, but the 4th photo I found in the 4th file was an early one I took of my Bodo Hennig house, before I had much furniture for it:

Recently also, my sister scanned and uploaded a colour photo of the house we grew up in:

This house was built in the early or mid 60s by a German builder. I think you can see why the Bodensee reminds me so much of it! Although I'd like to find one that shows the whole front of the house, as you can't really see the roofline in this, nor the balcony.

So thank you, Pubdoll, this has been a good reason to dig in my photo files! Like Pubdoll, I'll leave this up to readers to take this challenge up or not, as you prefer.


  1. Wow! You can really see the similarities! I LOVE your Bodensee, and it's always nice to see other photos of it.

  2. I love both houses, what a wonderful idea to compare them. I can imagine how you and your sister play in the nature around. is it like this today? have you ever been there in the last years?
    I like to visit places of my past. Everything seems so small, because I see it with my child-eye, when everything was so big. the way from our house to the neighbours house: a long way full of adventures.
    and today: a few steps....

  3. A late reply since I have been away this weekend. So great you took the challenge, Rebecca! Like the others I love your Bodensee and so nice to see a picture of your childhood house as well! They really do have a lot in common!

  4. Thank you all for your comments! I loved the house I grew up in so much that, when we moved when I was 13, I declared to my mother that I would buy it back when I grew up!
    It's been several years since I last saw it - it still looks the same (except for fewer trees, I think). When we first lived there, there were paddocks next door and on the hill opposite - they were gradually covered by houses. So we played outside in our large garden, in the neighbouring paddocks, and then in the building sites. It still has a large yard, but is no longer on the edge of the town.

  5. Still plotting to steal that Bodensee...
    I never give up, do I? Chuckles.
    Seriously, you grew up in a great house!