Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Smallest Dolls' House in the World (and another regular size one)

Today I've received links to two amazing dolls' houses.

The first is by Willard Wigan, and appears in a video of him talking about his art on youtube. The dolls' house is some way in to the clip, but there are some other amazing miniatures shown before it, such as this little girl with a balloon, stuck to the head of a needle:

(This picture is from a webpage about microscopic art.)

The other dolls' house is a very simple DIY house, which blogger Amy Hanson made and decorated as the home of two characters from children's books, Charlie and Lola:

As you can see, the house is just the four walls, which can be placed on a table or the floor and set up with furniture and accessories. Amazingly simple!
I love the wallpapers she's chosen, and she made the dolls from iron-on transfers of images copied from the books.


  1. So nice to see the Charlie and Lola room, since they are often on the Norwegian children programmes.
    I have seen the microscopic art of this man earlier as well, but it's still incredible! Have never seen the microscopic doll's house though! So amazing!

  2. dear rebecca

    thanks for your sweet comment at my toyblog :). i even didn´t know about the differences between the swedish & the germen lundby houses from the beginnig of the 70s. but when i bought mine i researched the internet for more information to date the year my house was build and found some similar to mine and some other. i wrote to elisabeth from the lovely swedish dollhouse page and she told me about all the little differences - there are some more...

    your links in this post are great. i love the idea of the simple diy house with the characters of the children´s book - so many ideas are rising in my had to build scenes with the heros of my childhood!! thanks for the inspiration!

    * nicola

  3. That was a very interesting link! The art of Willard Wigan is more than amazing! Thanks Rebecca for sharing.