Friday, September 11, 2009


I have just spent a lot of money on another dolls' house this week (which will arrive next week, I hope). So I could not bid on this, which was also on Australian ebay this week:

This is not actually a dolls' house as such, but a construction set called Bilda-Brix, by Playmate, which came with directions for some great modern designs, and all the bricks and windows and roofs etc:

I've seen other Bilda-Brix sets for more traditional designs, as well, but this one is definitely worth looking out for.

And because I've spent so much on the new house, I can't even think about asking whether I can bid on this art deco apartment building on UK ebay. Is this the exact same house which The Shopping Sherpa bid on last September? Or is there more than one? If it's not the actual house, but a duplicate, it suggests that it may have been made commercially (or possibly from a plan, although it looks identical to me, which houses built from plans rarely are).

Whether individually or commercially made, it's a terrific design, and will no doubt reach a high price again.

(This photo is from The Shopping Sherpa's blog post, as I can't work out how to save the images on the current ebay listing, in the new format. Luckily I was able to save the Bilda-Brix photos. If anyone can explain why this is so, or how to save photos from the new auction format, I'd be delighted to know.)


  1. I love all this houses, you showed us here. I saved the art deco house for my dollsdollshouse-project - perhaps in the winter I will rebuild one.
    I think, it is not allowed to public the ebay pics, but when I want to save one of them for my folder (what I want to build one day) I make a screenshot from it. If you don't know how to manage this, I will try to explain it.
    It's a pity, that you cannot bid on this art deco house, it would fit perfect in your collection.

  2. Too bad for you, both houses look so great! As a lego builder I love of course the Bilda Brix set, and the house is very much my taste as well. The apartment house is also fantastic! (Hmmm, it seems to be in my scale?)

    But I'm looking forward to see the house you did buy!

  3. I've just checked that house on ebay and it has had one bid for 99 pence so far. It is the same house as the one that went last year for about £112 - enlarge the photos of both and look at the stain on the doorstep.

  4. Oh what a good idea Oese! One day we will see a tiny art deco apartment building in one of your dolls houses!
    It is perhaps just as well I can't afford to bid, as the shipping is so expensive from the UK, especially for houses that are too big for the post office. It has been worth it for some, like the Bodensee, but I try to restrain myself - very easy when I just don't have the money!

  5. Well spotted, DollMum! I wonder why it's for sale again?
    Yes, Pubdoll, I think it is in your scale. Are any of your dolls thinking of investing in the property market?
    The house I did buy is nothing like these, and lovers of modern dolls houses probably won't think much of it. Anyway, you'll see it soon - it's on the way from Melbourne to Adelaide right now, and will then make its way up to Darwin, right through the centre of the continent. Should get here sometime next week :-)

  6. The builda-brix house is cool! I haven't seen one before
    wow! I was amazed when I saw the "art deco" house for 99p, and I am actually watching the house, don't really have room for it now, but I wonder....maybe I could move things around :)

  7. They thought about it, but found the house had just daylight from one side, and also that the moving expences would be to high :-)

  8. the builda-brix house reminds me a bit on a lego fire department i once had. the other house is pretty cool, too! i wonder why someone who bought it last year is going to sell it again... hm, mystical :)

    i´m looking forward to the new house you bought!


  9. I saw it ended up at £201, quite a lot more than what it went for last year. At least way too expencive for me.

    Thanks for the tips about the other parties by the way, you inspired me to make an update of the blog post :-)

  10. Well it has just gone for £201.00 on ebay (I was watching it but didn't buy it), so hope the new owner has fun furnishing it.