Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cleaning day at the Praegers'

Mr and Mrs Praeger are cleaning.

Michael Praeger has finished sweeping the patio, and is about to start cleaning the windows - a big job. I hope there's enough Windex left. (It doesn't look like anyone has swept inside yet, though!)

Dianne Praeger is thrifty, and keeps old underpants to use as cleaning rags.
Dianne is dusting and polishing the furniture. She does also have purpose-made dusters, and uses modern Betterwear Super Lavender Wax Polish, sold door-to-door by the Betterware representative, who calls regularly.

(No product placement fees were received for this blog post.)


  1. :) cute cleaning story!! i do the same like mrs präger i always keep old panties or socks for cleaning...


  2. Too bad, after all that hard work to deserve it :-)
    Seems the Praegers have been hard at work too!
    I have shown this post to my dolls, so they can learn from them. Their houses are a mess right now.

    Love the furniture, especially the chairs and the cupboard, reminds me of my grandparents home when I was a child. And the wineglasses in the cupboard are exquisite! I like that items as glasses and tiny spoons comes in various colours. Like very much the plate(?) with the sailboat on the wall too!

  3. Thank you, Nicola! I do too, so when I got a pair of underpants among some dolls clothing, it was the obvious thing to do. Sadly, dolls house dolls don't seem to have many cast-off socks or underwear!

  4. Thank you, Pubdoll - my other dolls could take a lesson from the Praegers, too!! Not to mention me myself :-)
    The glasses are lovely, aren't they? I think they might get them out when they have visitors. The 'picture' with the sailboat is a ceramic brooch. I like using vintage picture jewellery a lot, as it's the right size and has the feeling of the era, too. There are other brooch ornaments in this room too, but not visible here.

  5. Your houses are so lovely, especially this bungalow and other similar ones. Very nice touches throughout!