Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thank you and welcome

I was honoured recently to receive a blog award from Lizzie, who has two blogs herself - The Washerwoman: the rural ramblings of a vintage textile and clothing enthusiast, which has occasional dolls house posts:

Lizzie has also recently started another blog, The Dolls House Diaries, where I'm looking forward to seeing more of her collection:

(I've also bought from Lizzie and her husband on ebay - the floor papers in my Triang 52 came from them.)

Thank you and welcome also to my new followers - it seems that almost every time I visit my blog, I see a new photo among the followers. I hope you are enjoying my older posts - there will be more soon when I find the time!

Several of my new followers have also started blogs about their vintage dolls house collections. DollMum blogs about dolls, dolls houses, sewing and knitting:

Grandmas Attic - Toys and Treasures is a new blog by a Californian dolls house collector, who has vintage English houses, a Brazilian house, and of course great vintage American dolls houses in her collection, including this terrific Arcade laundry:

Florine also has a great collection of vintage American dolls houses on her blog My Vintage Dollhouses and Other Treasures. She has furnished this Rich Toys dolls house with vintage Kage furniture - I love the dressing table and stool in the bedroom:

Susan has a very varied collection, like mine! This was her first house, bought from a thrift shop (or, as we say in Australia, an op shop)

- she is now "doing her best to save the planet by gathering all unwanted dollhouses into her living room so that they will be kept out of landfill sites and other garbage dumps." (Sound familiar?)
She has a nice sense of humour, too:

Such riches to explore - some very familiar dolls houses - and it's great to see how individually each person has furnished them - and some that are new to me. All these blogs are new, so I've been able to read each post in them. I've also enjoyed dipping into other followers' blogs - it's great being part of a growing network of dolls house bloggers!


  1. Thanks for the welcome, and all the new links to explore (great way to relax in the evening after stressful days at work, though not good for the eyes when all day with computer screen lol).

  2. Hi! I love your intro to 'new' bloggers! Thanks for including me! I absolutely find the "new sculpture" room a real giggle! Thanks for sharing that one! I'll have to check her blog! So happy to find some Austrailian collectors here! Love it! Louise, Grandma's Attic.

  3. There is an award for you on my blog.

  4. Hi Rebecca. Thanks for including me in your introduction of your new followers. I hope you are having as much fun as I am blogging. I just wish I had more time to do it. I love your site. Susan