Sunday, November 29, 2009

German (VERO?) Bungalow Kitchen

In my last post, I showed the façade of this bungalow:

So now, let's have a look inside. The patio has two comfortable chairs to relax on,

and the swinging doors lead in to the kitchen

All the furnishings here came with the house - and so did the dog. I think the people who live here must be busy unpacking in the living room, and looking forward to sitting down and enjoying this meal!
I really liked the flooring here when I saw it in the auction listing - it turns out that it has been added by a previous (original?) owner. I'm definitely keeping it, as it goes so well with the house and furnishings, and seems very 60s to me! (Not groovy 60s, but everyday 60s.)

Unlike my other German bungalow, this one has no maker's mark. I think it's also by VERO, not just because the components and construction methods are similar, but also because I found this house on the Puppenhausmuseum site:

It's labelled "Vorstadthaus mit Kamin" (suburban house with chimney) Vero, DDR, ca 1965-1970. As you can see, the swinging doors are identical, and there are other similarities too.


  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing. I love the doors and windows. How is the overall condition of the house? It looks very good. The furnishings are wonderful as well -- and the floor is so cool! Did you purchase this on eBay? Did the house arrive assembled? Sorry, lots of questions!

  2. Das Haus ist einmalig, und der Fußboden in der Küche eine Sensation.
    Und dann die Kölln-Flocken (Schoko-Müsli) auf dem Schrank! Die habe ich als Kind gegessen und tue es heute noch.
    Die Uhr an der Wand sieht auch so aus wie Küchenuhren in meiner Erinnerung.
    Es riecht sogar so wie in meiner Kindheit, wenn ich diese Küche ansehe. Wunderbar!

  3. The kitchen (especially the floor and the table & chairs) reminds me of kitchens from my childhood, I'm sure in one of the full size houses my aunt and cousins had the floor was just exactly like that!

  4. Hi Callsmall, glad you like it! Yes, questions - normally I would have included all this info in my post, but things have been a bit hectic and I just wanted to get something up. So now I'll fill in - yes, I bought this on German ebay. It was assembled in the auction photos, and I did think of asking whether it could be dismantled, as I thought it looked like a VERO dismantleable house! But I don't like to ask sellers to do a lot of work, so it was sent assembled. During the journey, some bits worked loose - some wall/roof joins that were nailed, and some wall/base joins that had wooden pegs. And some small pieces of wall broke off where the nails and pegs worked loose. The walls are made of chipboard, so the large pieces could be stuck back on, but they don't completely match the gaps.
    The doors and windows, thank goodness, are not glass! so they didn't break :-)
    Apart from that, there are some water stains in the living room, but I don't think they'll be noticeable when the furniture's in place. I want to use the lounge chairs that came with it, but with new covers over the existing ones, as they're Bodo Hennig orange corduroy just like in my Bodo Hennig house! No reason why two houses shouldn't have the same furniture, but I have some 60s fabric (remnants from my Nana's dressmaking) which will look good, I hope.
    So, more (sometime) soon about the living room!

  5. wow - the kitchen is so great! it reminds me so much on my childhood :) we had a similar kitchencupboard, table & chairs and nearly the same clock. i´ve often seen kitchen furniture like yours on german evil-bay and i think both, house and kitchen are original vero, lovely!! i also love the chairs on the patio!!

    thanks for your last comment with the tipps for my chair :) i wrote an answer at my blog, maybe you´ve seen it?!

    i can´t wait to see the lounge chairs with the new covers - your idea sounds perfect to me! but i know christmas times are busy times and we have a lot other things to manage...


  6. What a beautiful house! I love the doors and the kitchen, especially the kitchen floor which is fabulous, and the kitchen furniture matches the floor perfectly!

  7. Danke schön, Öse! Ich wußte nicht, ob das Müsli typisch dieser Zeit war, oder etwas neuer. Hier in Australien haben wir erst mit den 70er Müsli gekaufen und gegessen!!

  8. Thank you, DollMum and Nicola and Pubdoll for your comments - how lovely that this room reminds so many of us of our childhood kitchens! When I was about four, and my mother started working again, my sister and I were looked after by a woman who had a kitchen that was all yellow and grey. That's the main thing I remember about her house - and she made marbled cake! So this kitchen reminds me a bit of that.

    @ Nicola - yes, I saw your comments about your little red chair. There were even some Tofa pieces listed on UK ebay just afterwards!

  9. Rebecca, Could this be my answer? When I use photos from MY computer a thumbnail picture shows up on your blogroll. When I blog one of my own from Flicker it does not. Hmmmm Carol