Friday, November 6, 2009

Links and Connections

Here are two mini links passed on to me by friends.
The first is the opening credits of a new Australian movie, Tangle

Here are a couple of other scenes from the video:

(your typical Aussie backyard)

(your typical Aussie bathroom?!? Is that a toaster she's carrying?!?)

The other is a model railway for a model railway, N scale in Z scale! My sister thinks Tim might like one of these - I think he might too, but I think he might have to wait a while :-|

And in other news tonight - I was delighted to receive comments from the granddaughter of the man who built the house I lived in as a child (that's me on the left in front of the car),

which the Bodensee house reminds me so much of,

and from the daughter of the man who designed the Tammy house for the Ideal Toy Corporation. She said she put many of the houses together as a child!!!


  1. wow, I love the tangle video so much - what a piece of art. Perhaps I will borrow a better camera and try something like this, my camera is not so good in videos.
    ha, and the picture showing you and your sister shows a car that looks like one my parents had: Opel Kadett!
    But I'm not sure it is an Opel.
    Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. Thank you, Oese - I'd love to see a video you made. Many of your scenes look like someone has just walked out of the room, or is just about to come back, and you can imagine what has happened there - would be great in a video! And anything else your fertile imagination dreams up ...
    The car was my aunt's, and I think it was a Fiat. I'm not sure, but she used to drive one, so that's what comes to mind. (And it was orange or yellow or tan - this is about 1971, I think!)

  3. I love the tangle video as well, sometimes doll's house interiors and dolls are better then a real interior and real people to show a story and gritty reality with few images.

    But my favourite is the mini train, I and my whole family looked at the you tube video, so fun to see how it was made!

    And how fantastic and nice that you have got in touch with daughters of previous house designers/builders! I was really impressed by the daughter who managed to build the Ideal sets and houses as child, I'm not sure I would have managed it now!

  4. Glad you like the 30's house on my blog. The lamp is much later & I have recently replaced it with a real 30's one that I got at Cobham! I think the one shown might be Barton from the 50's. Yes, the bathroom is Rusco, I love this set. I have put pics of the kitchen on the blog now. Liz