Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all my blogging friends and readers!

In the Cupboard House, the whole family has gathered in the drawing room to decorate the tree. Richard and Allan somehow managed to carry it up the stairs and through the door. Jenny is supervising Polly and Lois as they add some decorations, while Grandma Eleanor surveys the tree through her lorgnette and gives directions. Belinda is so excited she is standing on the sofa behind Grandpa Bernie so she can see! Already there are some parcels under the tree - what can they be? and who are they for?

The decorations are stored away in a box during the year, and Susannah is looking through the collection with John to find the old favourites. (David is very patiently waiting his turn - or is he perhaps getting a bit old to be excited by Christmas decorations?)
There's a gold star to go on the top - Richard or Allan will put it in place when the rest of the decorations are done.
Now the tree is up, and the visiting uncles and cousins have arrived - and there are only two more sleeps until Christmas Day!

I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and a relaxing Boxing Day.


  1. beautiful! lovely scene, very cute presents, great to see all the children excited about decorating the tree, and wonderful vintage Christmas cards :-)

  2. I would be the one standing on the sofa so I could see everything. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I greatly enjoy and appreciate your blog. Florine in Texas sent me. :-) Thanks! Amy

  3. Happy Christmas Rebecca! I love this scene! The Erna Meyer dolls are gorgeous and so lifelike!
    I love the tea and coffee set, the little frame back in the right corner and the picture with the two little girls by the Christmas tree.

  4. Happy holidays to you, Rebecca! I very much enjoy reading your posts, and look forward to many (mini) good things in the new year. I hope you have a restful and joyous holiday.

  5. @ Amy: :-) Thank you! And thanks to Florine! I look forward to seeing lots more of your blog posts in the coming year :-)

    @ Pubdoll: Thank you, Helene! These EM dolls are older ones, with very expressive faces :-) The tea & coffee set is a modern Australian mini - I don't know if you can see the tiny wattle flowers, blue wren and kookaburra painted on them. As you know, I don't buy many modern pieces, but I loved these birds & flowers! The two little girls in the photo are Eleanor and Penelope Hoare, the original owners of the dolls house, ca 1900.

    @ Callsmall - thank you, same to you and ditto!

  6. I can almost feel the excitement of the little ones as they decorate the Christmas tree knowing Santa is not far away! Thanks for bringing back good memories of Christmas-time from my childhood and that of my children's!
    Love your room I will have to go back in your blogs to look once again at your Cupboard House! Merry Christmas!

  7. dear rebecca

    i´m happy i inspired you :)

    i planned to make a post how the lundbys are celebrating christmas, but i had to make a break with everything at the 1. christmas day because i was ill with sore throat and fever and i still am. and because i´m planning a short trip to rügen on wednesday, there wíll be no more time for christmas blogposts :(... maybe next year...

    i love to take a look into the cupboard house and the whole family - everything looks so cozy and lovely.

    i wish you a great 2010 and i´m looking forward for more post about all your dolls houses and the families living inside.


  8. Dear Rebecca....what a wonderful, loving tree decorating party! You can see the excitement and feel the family love for the holiday! You did a great job with this room! I love the dolls and have to agree that they bring the room to life! I enjoy your blog so please keep inspiring us! Happy holidays and have a wonderful 2010!