Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Swans decorate for Christmas

Narelle Swan has started decorating the house for Christmas.

With Mark's help, she's moved in another table and covered it with a Christmas tablecloth, so that the cold meats, seafood and salads which she prepares for Christmas dinner can be spread out for guests to help themselves from.

The Christmas tree is up, and Narelle has decorated it with baubles and candles. Now little Nicole is allowed to help drape the tinsel on it very carefully.

Only nine more sleeps until Christmas! Nicole is very excited.


  1. How lovely and fun! I love the lemon dishes in the cupboard, and all the details in the room. The tree is darling as well. Do you have a tree yourself, and will you be cooking on Christmas? :)

  2. Thank you, Callsmall! Compared to my own rooms, and most of my dolls house rooms, this still feels rather bare to me, but certainly the Christmas tree and tablecloth help!
    I have Christmas at my aunt's place in Sydney. She has a tree, and many Christmas decorations. I stay with my sister, and my mum comes too. My sister sometimes has a cut pine tree, and sometimes we just have Christmas bush and Christmas bells, both Australian native flowers. I wished I had some in miniature for the Swans, actually, so I must think about that for next year. Their tree came with my new vintage German bungalow - I love the coloured baubles on it, just like we had when I was a kid - so fragile, too, and so easy to shatter!
    You asked if we cook - we have salads and cold meats, as the Swans will! We do have a hot (boiled or steamed) Christmas pudding, usually with both icecream and custard. And mince pies and shortbread - yum!

  3. So nice to see the Swans are getting settled in their new home! Beautiful tree! (I hope mom doesn't trip over Nicole's baby doll, however.)
    It is always nice to learn about Christmas traditions in other countries...I hope your holiday is as wonderful as it sounds! Flo

  4. Hi Florine, Thanks :-)
    Mum has put the baby down to crawl on the floor while she decorates the tree - it's a real live baby, not a doll! (Really! though now you mention it, it does look very like a doll! Narelle's been holding it most of the time though, so I reckon she probably knows. Must find out the baby's name!)

  5. The Swans have got themselves quite a lot of beautiful furniture! I love how the yellow and green colours is to be found not only in the lemon dishes, but also in the sofas, lamp and art as well!
    Their Christmas tablecloth is lovely and fits the table perfect! And the tree is so adorable! How nice of Narelle to let Nicole help! My children are just allowed to decorate the bottom half of the tree and with just unbreakable baubles and other safe ornaments :-)

  6. awwww - how cute :) nicole is so sweet!

    your tree looks a bit like "the lundby´s" tree ;D a bit dishevelled and oldfashioned but really lovely.


  7. it looks like the baby is crawling towards the tree, i hope she doesn't try to pull herself up
    on it. it will tumble down, all that work, gone to waste! xmas is so exciting!!!

  8. The tree reminds me of a silver tree we had as children. It would stand on a table top, as it was only about 3ft high, and it was brought out year after year and decorated with the same set of old baubles (some of those fragile glass ones) every year.

    I love the little candles. The colour combinations of the dishes in the cupboard as well as the cupboard itself reminds me of Clarice Cliff pottery.

  9. @ Pubdoll, Glad you like the Swans living/dining room! They're pretty happy with it too. The Christmas tablecloth fabric was a lucky op shop find - just the right scale for them. I think Narelle is hoping that she has attached the baubles and candles firmly enough that Nicole won't knock any off as she drapes the tinsel around it. But your approach sounds much more sensible to me :-)

    @ Nicola & DollMum - yes, I think part of the joy of having Christmas decorations is bringing out the old familiar ones each year, even though they may be a bit dishevelled, but they bring back happy memories!

    @ Christine - yes, I hope so too, the tinsel and baubles have clearly caught her eye!

    @ DollMum - thankyou, I had not thought of Clarice Cliff, but I like the fresh bright colours and design of the dishes!

  10. Hi Rebecca, first: I like the tablecloth too, it fits very well. This scene and your talking about the children reminds me of our first christmas-eves with our children. the style of the furniture is a bit different, but the athmospere is very similar to me. here is a picture:
    thanks for sharing this nice scene.

  11. It is looking good! My dolls houses are also busy with preparations (and by coincidence have a very similar tree!) Lizzie

  12. Whoops! Sorry, baby-dear. I do recall baby being held in mommy's arms. My eye-doc said I didn't need to change prescription this year...maybe he was wrong. Have a very merry holiday! Flo