Monday, February 8, 2010

1st Blogiversary*! Erna Meyer Scales

Today (7th February) is exactly one year since I started this blog.

I had planned a dolls house party to celebrate, and may still have one, but in real life in the last couple of weeks I have moved to a new office, have a new manager, and our team is working on our new role. The new office and manager are great, but the changes have still taken a fair bit of energy.

So, for today, I thought I'd show some of the different scales Erna Meyer dolls have been made in.

The first photo shows five couples with cloth feet, one of the features of Erna Meyer dolls that helps to date them: cloth feet were replaced by plastic feet in the (mid?) 1970s.

The tallest dolls are the 18th century couple, still in their cellophane wrapping. He is 18.5cm (7 1/4 inches) tall, and she is 17cm (6 5/8 inches). I measured from their heels to the top of their wigs - so without the wigs, they would be slightly shorter!

As you can see, these dolls have very detailed faces - the lady has a beauty spot as well as rouge on her cheeks. The label says "Liliput Biege-Püppchen - Ermey" in green and gold foil on the front, and "Made in Germany" printed in green on white card on the back.

Next to them stand a couple who are almost as tall - the man is 17.5cm (6 3/4 inches) and the woman is 16.5cm (6 1/2 inches).

Both these couples appear to be 1:10 scale - in real life, they would then be between 165cm and 185cm tall (roughly, 5' 6" - 6' 3").

Next come a couple who are both 14.5cm (5 3/4 inches), followed by a couple who are both 14cm (5 1/2 inches). These are in 1:12 scale. The woman in blue and the man wearing a suit both have the same cellophane wrapping and foil tag as the 18th century couple, and were probably made at about the same time.

(Some of these poor dolls have one leg shorter than the other, I have just realised - just like some real people.)

(The woman's wrapping has split in half, so it was possible to photograph her without it.) Perhaps they are slightly later, as the round red 'Spielgut' label has been added to their wrapping. This recognition of a toy as promoting good play is granted only to toys which meet certain criteria, and was first granted to Erna Meyer dolls in 1954**.

Finally, among the cloth-soled dolls, are two who measure just 12.5cm (5 inches). These dolls could fit into 1:12 scale houses - there are, after all, people who are 5' tall. They can also fit into 1:16 scale houses - I have some in my Lundby house and my Jenny's Home.

I don't have as many Erna Meyer dolls with plastic feet as with cloth feet - but enough to show two of the scales they come in.

The two taller dolls are 15cm (5 7/8 inches). They are slightly taller than the 1:12 scale cloth-shoed dolls, but still appropriate for that scale.

The shorter man is 12cm tall (4 3/4 inches), and perfect for 1:16 scale.

I have read that Erna Meyer dolls are now made in 1/24th scale too, but I don't have any of them - yet!

Thank you to all my followers and readers and fellow bloggers - I'm looking forward to the second year of blogging :-)

* I have borrowed this word from The Shopping Sherpa, who has just celebrated her own 4th blogiversary.

**Thank you to Diepuppenstubensammlerin for the article which told me this!


  1. Congratulations with the blogiversary Rebecca! I'm so glad you started blogging so I could get to know you :-)
    I very much look forward to the party if you get the energy to arrange it, but since I always learn so much from your posts, I think this post was a very appropriate way to celebrate it! What a wonderful collection of dolls and very interesting, I didn't know that some of the Erna Meyer dolls fit my scale!

  2. Happy Blogiversary and may there be many more :-)

    Any chance you're planning to get to the May Show this year? I'm contemplating arranging a blogger meet up...

  3. congratulations for your first blog year... regards

  4. Happy one year! I always enjoy learning something from your posts, and this was no exception! Here's to another fruitful year! And good luck with all the work transitions!

  5. Thanks a lot, I have certainly never seen so many of them in such a perfet condition. And although I know that a huge range of styles was produced, the 18th century dolls were a great surprise.

  6. Congrats!!!!!! These dolls are fabulous! I want the shiney blue dress in MY size! xoxo CM

  7. Congratulations on your first year blogging and for all the wonderful posts you have treated your followers to...I hope you share many more with us!
    I did not realize the Erna Meyer dolls came in many different scales, and your collection is fantastic. I always enjoy how you fill your little houses with many of them. :) Each little face makes me feel like they have individual personalities...that's rather unique with dollhouse dolls. I am guessing the Ermey children come in the different scales also? Thanks for sharing your little people with us! Flo

  8. Hi Pubdoll, thank you - I'm glad you started blogging too!
    Yes, I've got Erna Meyer dolls living in houses of 1:10, 1:12 and 1:16 scales, but I thought it would be easier to see the different sizes when the dolls are all standing together. The Swans are also 1:16 scale - 12.5cm. Apparently now they make dolls with clothes that take off, too!

  9. Thank you, TSS - my blogging big sister! I have been thinking of the May show since looking at your photos of it, last year and other years. I would love to get to a show and see dolls houses and furniture for sale right in front of my eyes, not just on a computer screen! So we'll see. It's not a time I usually travel down, but I'll try to work it this year :-)

  10. Thank you, Paky and Callsmall! I think the new workplace (same department, new office) is going to be much better than the previous one, but settling in will take a while :-)

  11. Hallo and thank you, diepuppenstubensammlerin! The 18th century dolls are very special, aren't they? I have other pairs of dolls in wigs and breeches, but they are much smaller and I think later (they come in boxes, both with cloth feet and plastic). So it's a theme they've made over many years, I think - in the US, they are often sold as George and Martha Washington, in Germany I think I've seen them as Mozart and his wife. But I haven't seen these two beauties anywhere else.
    Thank you for posting me on your blog, I am very honoured! Many of these dolls have been around the world, as they went from Bavaria to the US and then here to Australia. I'll show more over time :-)

  12. Fabulous dolls. I have read about these dolls but what a great selection you have shown us and very informative. Thank you. Did I read this is your blog's first birthday? Congratulations.

  13. dear rebecca,
    a bit late, but I want to say "congratulations" too. you know that I am a fan of your blog and style, because it is learning and amusement both (so you must be a good teacher) and I am very glad to got to know you with this blogging-thing. I hope your situation in the new office will be good for you!
    thank you very much for everything you give to us!

  14. Oh Rebecca! Once again you amaze me with wonderful mini information that I've not known before. I have a few of these dolls but never knew much about them. Someday I will gather mine up for a group photo and see if you can tell me any more--age perhaps? They do have the most charming faces and unlike most dollhouse dolls they give alot of life to a room. Your collection is good proof of that! Thanks for sharing once again and I'm so happy that I've "found" you! Happy hunting! Fondly, Louise

  15. So good to know. I thought they were all one scale. Thank you so much. What a fabulous bunch.

  16. @ CM: Thank you! It's a gorgeous dress, isn't it?!

    @ Florine: Thank you - I enjoy the uniqueness of their faces, too! Yes, the children also come in different scales - I should show some of them, too. And I look forward to reading more of your posts, too :-)

    @ Pandora, Thanks, glad you like the dolls - they are my favourite, and I have quite a big collection!

  17. Dear Oese, Thank you for your congratulations! I am inspired and encouraged by your style and inventiveness, and very glad too to have got to know you through our (and our friends') blogs.
    The new office is much more peaceful and pleasant, so I am feeling optimistic. Best wishes to you too :-)

  18. Hi Louise, Glad you found this interesting. I would love to see your Erna Meyer dolls! I have some idea of ages, and diepuppenstubensammlerin's dated advertisements are wonderful aids to dating, too!

    Hi Amy, thanks! Maybe we'll see an Erna Meyer doll or two on Lundby Lane, who knows?!?

  19. OHHHH - happy bloggy-versary belated!!!! i´m looking forward for another year here at your blog! i was a bad blogger the last days, my laptop was "ill" and i had to much to do with the onlineshop and orders, sorry!

    all the dolls are so fantastic! erna meyer and all her employees did a great job, by making these little persons! i don´t want to start to collect them - no, no, NO, but all the time i see them here and at "die puppenstubensammlerin" they are calling me :)...


  20. Thank you Nicola! Sorry to hear that your laptop was ill - hope it's all better now!
    No wonder Erna Meyer dolls are calling you - Käthe Kruse knew EM in the very early years, and Kruse gave the dolls she made EM dolls to play with. So you have to have some :-)