Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brinca Dada Dolls House and Dolls on Daddy Types

I follow Daddy Types' blog as he has a good eye for retro kids' toys and furniture, including dolls houses, and also vintage kids' books. He's just posted about a dolls house shown at the 2010 Toy Fair, the Emerson House by Brinca Dada, and a family of dolls house dolls they've also put out.

Apparently, they sold their prototype on ebay in December:

The Brinca Dada website says the dolls house will be available in (northern hemisphere) spring - and they will also have furniture for it! It's in 1:18 scale (also known as 3/4" scale). I wonder which of my blogging friends will buy one first?


  1. it's a nice dollshouse. Not sure, that I would buy it, because of the price, but if someone gave one to me, I'm sure, that I would have many ideas to furnish and decorate it. Lovely! It makes me think of my Tadie Muz dollshouse, in a smaller size, and on two levels.

  2. Yeah, I have a birthday coming up this spring :-)
    The Emerson House is one of the most gorgeous doll's houses I have ever seen, and if they manage to stick to the $299 price, I think it's quite cheap compared to other doll's houses I have seen, even though of course $299 is a lot of money. I hope they will ship worldwide. I love the furniture they have made for it too! Thank you for sharing Rebecca, I will dream sweet dreams tonight :-)

  3. Oh Rebecca, this houses make me dream to live in such a house and decorate the windowsills with the miniature edition!
    Thank you for sharing, you are allways so mindful!

  4. It is Dol toi size right? I LOVE the stone facade but won't be buying anthing for awhile.C

  5. By the way Rebecca, isn't 2/3" the equivalent of the 1:18th scale, and 3/4" scale the same as mine, 1:16th scale? But I have done some math after reading how tall their tallest doll was, 4.5", and I think they must be closer to 1:16th scale or they will have very tall dolls, just like my Dr Whatson is, compared to my houses :-)

  6. Hi Bea and Pubdoll, yes, still quite a lot of money, even though it's certainly not the most expensive of houses. I hope they ship worldwide too - buying some of the furniture would probably not break the bank!

    Hi Oese, happy dreams to you too! Perhaps you will also be inspired and create a mini mini version of it :-)

    Hi CM, maybe someone will give it to you as a gift too?

    Oh, scales and sizes! Helene, I think you are right. Their website says 1/18th scale, but that does mean their dolls are very tall. Their comment on daddy types' blog said they used architectural scale first, and then recalculated it as 1/18th dolls house scale. But they don't sound very familiar with dolls house scales, and late on a Friday night, my brain is not good with any scales!
    As you said about Lundby (I think), Helene, their products have varied between 1:15 and 1:18. And Carol, a lot of Dol-toi is in 1:16th scale, but Dol-toi also apparently made 1/12th scale, and also 1/24th.
    So the moral of that is, always check the actual dimensions!

  7. Thanks for posting, Rebecca! I have been in touch with the company since Wednesday, and hope to post something this weekend. He's already answered lots of my questions about the house and furniture, and distribution. The scale is an issue, and I think from what he's told me, it falls somewhere between 1:16 and 1:18.

  8. I have also been in contact with them and they are shipping to Norway, so I guess that means they will ship to the rest of the world as well :-) The house should be available in May or June and the retail is $299.
    And they also thought that the 3/4" was equivalent to 1:18th scale, he said in the mail they were quite new to the dollhouse hobby trade :-)

  9. Hi Callsmall, I should have guessed you'd be in touch with them! Look forward to seeing your post about it :-)

    Thanks for letting us know that, Pubdoll - that's great! Sounds like we might be seeing it on your blog sometime in the not too distant future?

  10. It does look a great house. I don't have a big collection of dolls houses because I do not have the space but, perhaps one day I will have a hobbies room!

  11. I suspect that I will probably add one to my collection. I can't help it. I have a bit of an affliction...just a small one.