Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super City Skyport Building Set - buy it now!

I got curious about whether the Super City set of my last post had been available in the US. So I had a look on US ebay - and guess what? The Super City Skyport Building Set is for sale right now - 2 sets, mint in box, buy it now - and seven have already sold. Sounds like old store stock. It's described as Marx Toys 6548 - interesting, when mine says Ideal Toy Corporation. Was there a link between Ideal and Marx, I wonder?
I'd love to hear if any of you buy a set!


  1. Same item appears to be available on Amazon also. One left in stock at 34.95, less than on ebay.

  2. You are so nice Rebecca. What scale do you think this is? It kinda looks like 1:24 from your photos. Just curious! Hope your day is lovely.

  3. Thanks for that, mini2b! I tend to think of amazon just for books, but of course it has many categories - and it is much cheaper from the amazon seller.

  4. Hi Amy! Well, I'm not really sure about the scale. It says it goes with the Ideal motorific cars and trucks sets, so I've just had a look at ebay listings of those. It seems there were 2 scales, 1/32 and 1/43, and I don't know which the Super City sets were intended to go with.
    I used some tiny furniture that is think is Ohio Art Company - that is 1/48 scale. I also used a more modern table and sideboard with model train that probably are 1/24. And as I said, the white plastic frames that the walls are constructed of are 5.5cm square - with the joining pieces, they're about 7cm. So each floor of the skyscrapers or houses would be only about 7cm or 2" high, which would probably make them about 1/48 I think. But of course you could use 2 or 3 plastic panels on top of each other to get more height, if you didn't follow the plans.
    Hope that helps! :-)

  5. Please see "Ahout Us" at

    American Plastic and Marx and Ideal have undergone a soap opera of mergers, acquisitions, and licensing agreements.

    New sets of the Sky Port are being made and sold on Amazon by America Classic Toy.

  6. Thanks for that info and link, Joe! I really appreciate it.