Monday, April 26, 2010

Miniature Spirits

I recently collected up most of the alcohol in my dolls houses for a group shot, to contribute to an album in the Dolls Houses Past and Present photo gallery.

You've seen most of the pieces here in the houses and room boxes they belong to: the Bodensee, the VERO Rügen, the Lundby Gothenburg, PI Angus Shand's office, and the Californian Bungalow style house.

The Jack Daniels boxed set is new - I bought it for Tim, as he and Johnno had to play cards without anything to drink.

But it's not easy to see all the details in each room, so I think the idea of collecting similar pieces up and photographing them together, as Florine did with radios and TVs and diepuppenstubensammlerin did with computers, is great. I'll try to do more gradually.


  1. Wonderful items. I really like that little box.

  2. Umn, Scotch with a bit of soda, please!
    Great collection!

  3. Great idea as this makes the details stand out. I love the vintage Scotch bottle and that old tray it sits on. I also like the teeny tiny cork screw for the bottles of wine. How fun. Enjoyed this post.

  4. I knew I'd forgotten something! No soda, sorry, Florine :-( I'd better look out for some. Also some soft drink bottles to open with the tiny bottle opener!

  5. I don't collect doll houses, just bit and pieces of kitchen miniatures, like stoves and pots. I find your blog a delightful way of seeing how other people enjoy the same sort of objects.

  6. Thank you for leaving a comment, Anonymous! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I think all the collections I visit through blogs and other websites are different, and I enjoy seeing what inspires other people and what they create with their collections :-)