Monday, May 28, 2012

Before the Fair

Well, you've seen what I found at the fair. The day before the fair, my sister and I drove through the Blue Mountains to Sydney. We were running late leaving, and we were meeting our aunt for afternoon tea (already rescheduled from lunch). So when we stopped, my sister said "Just 10 minutes!"
I'd say we both had several lots of 10 minutes, in a bookshop, an antiques centre and a cafe! I had a quick scan of the downstairs displays in the antiques centre, and then went to get a hot drink before pushing on. I'd finished my drink by the time my sister came for hers, so I left her browsing her bookshop finds and scooted in again and whizzed through the upstairs section of the antiques centre - until I came to a cabinet which had all this in it:

A china or porcelain dinner set with a sweet design which looks rather like clover (the sauceboat is marked Germany) - and a set of four little blue serviettes (or napkins, depending where you're from), in rings!!!

(Actually, not the furniture (tables, chair, sideboard) - they're recent ebay purchases which I'm just using to display the miniature sets.)

A turned wooden dinner set, including a tureen and comport, painted with a design of cherries, and a vase of flowers:

A green painted wooden tea set, missing the saucers:

A set of four blue painted wooden cups and saucers (set out here with the same set of serviettes):

A green and gold turned wooden set of decanter & goblets on a tray:

A clock, some larger cutlery (marked Germany) and a larger serviette & ring:

A bowl of fruit and what I was most excited about, tiny turned wooden salt and pepper shakers!!! The guy in the shop (not the seller whose display cabinet these were from, but the guy on the till) said he'd seen others before. But I hadn't - not this small, dolls house sized. All the other items, yes, some more often than others - but I am delighted to have salt and pepper shakers, and I'm not sure how I'll decide which house to put them in! Perhaps I should put them in Tim's shop, and see who buys them.

In the same display cabinet was this little ring of charms - I almost didn't get it, but the little people in their big hats are so sweet! They're just over 1/2" long.


  1. It really was yr lucky day!

    Fun looking at all your pics from the fair, so interesting to see it from your point of view :) Those guys with the trees were amazing weren't they.

    1. Sure was! :-)
      Did you take photos, apart from of Anna-Maria and me?!
      I didn't get the name of the tree guy at the time, but I googled him - he has done some amazing stuff. I'm looking forward to next year - hopefully some of the same sellers will be back, and I'll find my way around a bit more quickly. Staying till late is definitely worth it, too!

  2. Are those last items netsuke?
    Wild about the cherry dishware! Cheerio! CM

  3. oh some lovely dinner sets!! I'm jealous!! A very good weekend you had!