Sunday, May 27, 2012

Diva's Houses: Waldfrieden and 1226 Cliff Drive

I had seen photos of Davidia Williams' creations, especially her Rose Seidler house, on The Shopping Sherpa's blog (and it was also written up in the Sydney Morning Herald, when it was displayed at the real Rose Seidler House).
This year she had two houses on display! One is an A-frame house, with this backstory:

Here's a view of the whole house:

furnished with lots of vintage pieces - Lundby, Tofa, Barton - as well as miniatures made by Diva. Isn't that a great spiral staircase? (Also a little scary, with no handrail!)

I love the crowded, lived-in look and feel.

Anna-Maria has much better photos in her post (taken while Diva was setting up, without the front which caught the flash. Also she's a better photographer than I am!).

While Waldfrieden is a 1960s house, 1226 Cliff Drive, Watsons Bay, is completely modern:

Here's a closeup of the backstory:

The front door:

And, as you can see, a very different colour scheme and vibe. The monochrome furnishings really let the artwork stand out:

Sorry this is out of focus - you probably can't see the Toblerone on top of the green crate:

More great artwork, and a lovely Mackintosh mantelpiece:

The stairs lead up to the bathroom (and I am obviously totally oldfashioned in liking railing or banisters on stairs - at least these stairs are against a wall!)

The bedroom, where the picture certainly makes me want to snuggle up in bed and keep warm:

Now I'm off to start photographing my finds!


  1. I love these two houses! Questions: Are those domino stairs? (brilliant stairs), and is that the Ocean Drive dollhouse from DHE? If it is, I didn't realize they offered three stories. Thanks for posting these pictures!
    Best Neen (

    1. Hi Neen, Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I thought of dominoes too when I saw the stairs, but I don't think they are. If you click on the first photo, the close-up of the living room, you can see them side on more clearly, and it looks like the white dots are strips of some kind of corrugated material stuck on to wooden steps. But I'm not sure.
      I don't know about the other house, either! It does look like the Ocean Drive (so the address of 1226 Cliff Drive is rather clever!) - I suspect that Diva has customised it and built the extra storey herself. Anna-Maria (The Shopping Sherpa) didn't post about this house, but she is in touch with Diva, so maybe you could ask via her blog. And do check out Diva's Rose Seidler house, if you haven't already - it's brilliant!

  2. maybe the staircases without handrails make it easier for little hands to make the inhabitants go up the stairs, but I agree, it looks a bit frightening having no handrail. I thought the stairs are dominoes too.

    1. Hi DollMum, Yes, that could well be why they don't have handrails. A spiral handrail would also be quite a lot of work, I think! Dominoes would make a great staircase - I'll have to find out if that is what Diva used, or what it was.

  3. If you don't mind my asking, is your A-frame dollhouse from the Whitman A-Frame dollhouse kit? I've been trying to chase that one down on Ebay, and I've gotten good at recognizing it in photos---there are a few out there on the Internet. However, if it is an original design of your own genius, I apologize for not recognizing it as such!

    I love A-frame houses. Thanks for showing this one!

    The other one is lovely too. Modern houses---dollhouses or full size---really turn my head! I'm not sure I would want to live in one, but I find them sculpturally beautiful to contemplate.

    1. Hi Eklectic1, thanks for visiting my blog! These houses aren't mine, they were exhibits at the dolls house fair I went to in May. The maker, Diva, is a member of DHP&P, so you could contact her through that. I don't know whether she made the A-frame from a kit or her own design, but I do know that it's 1/16th scale - not what you want, unfortunately!