Saturday, May 11, 2013

And here's the furniture!

I could see from the auction listing that the book house I showed in my last post was something special - I could also see that most of the furniture had come from the Sydney toy shop Walther & Stevenson!

There's a pink Walther & Stevenson bedroom set:

and a blue Walther & Stevenson bedroom set:

(I'm not sure if the blue bed is from Walther & Stevenson - I'm pretty sure the blue dressing table isn't.)

Both sets have been painted twice. Walther & Stevenson sold them as natural plywood, which could be painted by the buyer, or left plain. The pieces which I bought with the Toyworks dolls house were left plain. These have apricot paint under the pink (the same pink as the house has been painted!), and pale mint green under the blue.

There's also a blue Walther & Stevenson kitchen set:

The two layers of paint on these pieces meant that the doors wouldn't open. I used a Stanley knife (box cutter) to work through the paint in the cracks, and managed to get one of the cupboard doors on the sink open, and both wardrobes.

Guess what I found in the pink wardrobe?!

Clothes! which had been painted in!!!

Here they are:

A wee dress, a top for a baby, a table cloth, a knitted jumper, and a lace skirt. Four dolls came with the house, two little girls and two babies. The dress and top fit two of the dolls perfectly:

The other little girl does fit into the jumper, but as she has no legs, she is more comfortable in the pram:

The living room furniture doesn't come from Walther & Stevenson. There are two homemade matchbox chairs, which need recovering:

And I forgot to photograph a homemade table, made from the screw-on lids of two jars with a wooden cotton reel between them (all painted pink, naturally).

I'm not sure about the fireplace - it is wooden, but professionally painted, unlike most of pieces sold by Walther & Stevenson:

The other furniture looks more recent. It is painted with European folk designs. There's another bed, with some chairs and a bench:

And a grandfather clock, table and bench:

The bed is signed underneath:

It looks like 'A. Kody'. (The taped name is presumably a former owner of the piece?)
I think I've seen other furniture on Australian ebay, with similar painted designs and also signed with this name. Does anyone know more about it, or have any?


  1. It is so interesting to see these old dollhouse furniture and dolls. Glad to read your post. I understand that it was a surprise for you to find clothes in the pink cupboard. Fun!

    Lil on Lilsdolls

    1. Hi Lil, yes, it was a big surprise, and a very pleasant one for me! But imagine the little girl whose dolls and dolls clothes they were - poor things!

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like these vintage furniture. Babies are very cute. Keep in touch

    1. Hello Marta, thank you! I think they are very cute too! Sadly, they must have been played with a lot - one little girl has no legs at all, and the other has lost her feet. But they are still very cute!

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    It is exciting to learn about dollhouse furniture makers in Australia! I collect antique furniture too, but it is all German. I assumed none was made in Australia.


    1. Hi Emily, I don't think much dolls house furniture was made commercially in Australia, really. In old catalogues and ads, you see furniture sets from places like Germany, Japan and England. I have some pieces of old Australian metal furniture, and plastic too, which was made in Australia, but using moulds from the US or Britain. It's fun discovering more makers and more pieces of furniture!
      Of course, a lot of furniture was made at home, along with a lot of dolls houses. Some is beautiful - I've shown some in blog posts, and some is still to show.