Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DH/D one week on ...

After a week of scraping paint off my new Lines DH/D, the original colours are starting to be revealed:

The remaining dark green paint on the base and front door, and the black paint on the flat roof, is very chalky. The paint on the roof timbers is in better condition, but all the original paint seems to have been sanded back, and then the whole house painted with a pink undercoat and white topcoat. The olive green is acrylic, and peels off, which is just as well, as when I tried scraping the paint off the chimney, it wasn't easy to avoid scraping off the rough cast as well.

There's no sign of paint on the sloping roofs, apart from the cream paint on the upper part of the overhang roof (which I think is overflow of the rough cast & paint from the upper facade). The lower part of the overhang has raw wood under the white paint (as you can maybe see over the door). So I think it probably had roofing papers, and that's what I'll use on it.

Also this week, I received an award from Oese:

Thank you Oese! I enjoy reading her blog Raum für Raum very much - she is so creative and skilled at making miniature furniture and scenes from materials I'd never think could be used.

And I also joined a Facebook group of Dolls House Collectors. It's great to have so many groups and websites for dolls house collectors, and see more collectors' houses, and how they furnish and people them.


  1. Great work so far, it looks so much better now you can see the roof timbers! Looking forward to see it finished!
    And, like you, I also think it's nice there is so many places to meet people with passion for dolls houses! I learn so much and get so much inspiration! Except for my blog I am on Flickr and am a member of a Norwegian dolls house forum.

  2. Thanks Pubdoll! I'm afraid progress is very slow. Some very kind collectors have emailed me photos and scans of the roof paper and the kind of wallpaper this house had. But I have to admit I haven't done much more scraping yet, and I really have to paint it before papering it.
    I've just joined flickr too, so I can comment on other people's dolls houses!