Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Secondhand Furniture Shop's First Customers!

The secondhand furniture shop is now open, and Tim is here to welcome customers.

The Bodensee family are the first customers. Mrs Bodensee is making some large paper flowers to decorate her bedroom, and wants something to stand them in.

"Mm, what about the stoneware jug? No, the mouth is too narrow. This copper jug will be perfect when I've cleaned it up and given it a polish."

The kids are looking around too. The boy spots some binoculars. "Can I have these, Dad?" "What for?" "I've been reading that bird book, and I want to go out bird-watching." "OK then," says Dad, thinking this is a good hobby - quiet, and gets him out of the house.

The little girl has spotted the ballerinas on the lamp.

"We're not getting that," said Mum.
"You've already got a lamp in your bedroom, and there isn't room for another one."
"Can I have the doll then?"
"You've already got dolls."
"But I want this one in the green dress."
"OK," says Mum.

The teenaged daughter spots the record player.

"What do you want that for?" says Dad.
"So I can listen to records in my bedroom," she says. "The other kids are getting things, and everything else in this place is too old-fashioned. It's not fair if I don't get anything."
"OK, OK," says Dad.

Dad wanders off into the next room.

"This is more like it," he says.
"What do you want that old fridge for?" says Mum. "We've got a perfectly good one at home, and that one doesn't even have a door on the freezer compartment."
"It'll be just right for keeping the beer in on the patio," says Dad.

"What on earth do you think this is?" says Mum. "Is it a teapot? But the handle's really thick. Do you suppose it could be an old-fashioned bedpan? Where on earth do they find these things? It's so ugly."

"OK, that's enough," says Dad. "Can you deliver the fridge?"

"Oh, but look," says Mum. "Here's a phone. We haven't got a phone, and this is a nice yellow one."
"All right. Now let's go. We've bought more than enough for one day."


  1. Oh no, the Bodensees came before me! I held my breath when the girl looked at the ballerina lamp, so glad they didn't buy it, I think it's so nice!
    Great story and Tim looks just the right person to run this shop!

  2. Mrs. Bodensee! LOL! I never heard of someone with this name, so nice.
    But listen: I work as a secretary and in the last days I had to write a letter to a person named: Herr Präger.
    You can imagine, that I laughed. But I was also very touched because of this synchronicity.
    Love the doll-world.

  3. Mrs Lake Constance sounds pretty funny in English, too!
    What a coincidence, writing a letter to a man called Herr Präger! I would have been very tempted to mention the dolls house!!!!

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