Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lines DH/D 1924 - the latest arrival!

This morning I received my latest dolls house. Actually I won it on Australian ebay in February, but it took a while to make the journey north.

There's a little bit of work to do, I think! All of that white enamel paint has to come off, and the olive green trim.

The inside is also solid white:

Someone had added a partition in the middle of each room - I've already removed them, as I'd prefer to have the original two large rooms. Removing them has revealed remnants of the original parquet floorpapers:

which I may be able to replace. I'll see if there's any wallpaper hiding under the paint, but I think not - so will find some vintage wallpapers to paper the rooms with.

Unfortunately there's no glass in any of the windows - but the window frames are there, and they are harder to replace. There is a front door - a bonus, as my Triang 52 is missing its front door. Also, it came with an original kitchen range -

- if that was mentioned in the auction, I'd forgotten about it.

If anyone knows what this should look like (colour of the front door, gable timbers, roof, etc), I'd love to hear, as I haven't seen a colour photo of one of these!


  1. Oh I'm so pleased it was you who won this: I was keeping an eye on it.

    Let me know if you need me to scan the floor of my Triang V so you can reproduce the parquet: it doesn't look like they changed it in 40 years...

    As for what it's supposed to look like, you have the whole Triang series from DHMS I assume?

  2. Thank you AM! For a while I thought it might one of the ebay wins that didn't make it, as the seller took ages to pack it (I had it freighted up). But it finally got here.
    Thanks, I'll see if there's anymore parquet under there - but it may be ruined by the paint anyway.
    I don't actually have the full series from DHMS - I didn't start buying them until 2000. I posted a query on the new Dolls Houses: Past & Present website, and Wendy Gater has emailed me some photos. I was hoping Marion Osborne might as well! Do you happen to have the issue of DHMS which covered 1924-26? I have a later issue with a picture of the earlier DH/D (without the sloping roof).
    Thanks again! I will of course post more photos of the slow work of removing the paint!!!

  3. I've had another look at your Triang V - it looks like it has what I think is called herringbone parquet, while this one has what Wendy Gater called four by four. Thanks anyway! It seems that Hobbies still exists, and still makes parquet flooring paper (both kinds), as well as roofing papers, which I may also need.

  4. Hi Rebecca - Great house and I have this parquest (4x4) in my tri-ang 70. i also got some good repro off ebay too - i will check later if I have some still here as i don't think the seller has listed any for a while. Do you know Marel Urry from Wendy's website, I think she may have a DH/D - I will check with her and get back to you, love sarah.x

  5. Hi again, just checked facebook and you've found marel :-)

  6. Thank you Sarah! Yes, I joined the facebook group and looked at Marel's photos there, and left her comments, so now we're in touch. She said she'll send me some more photos of her DH/D - and some of her cats, as she saw the photos of mine on facebook!

  7. That is a lovely Triang house & one I have not seen before (except in the catalogue) Lovely find! Lucky you!
    Lizzie xx

  8. Thanks Lizzie! I hadn't seen one before, either. Now, through the new dolls house web groups, I've received photos of others which are a great help for restoring it.