Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Something a bit different!

This is another of my new dolls houses in Bathurst. The house itself is fairly recent, and I don't know who made it, or even what it's made from (mdf? pine?). I bought it for the decorations - it has been painted inside and out by Australian artist Janine Daddo, and I love the details on it, especially all the cats!

There's a black and white cat on the front left, like my Harriet, and two white dogs with black spots on the front right. 
On the inner left front, there's a ginger cat, like my sister's cat Treasure.
 On one side there are two white cats:
 and on the other side, there's another ginger cat, as well as several kennels:
The roof doesn't open, but the attics are accessible through the dormer windows and the round windows at each end, so the space is usable.
Three more dogs are on the back:
 The house came with furniture, which is painted as brightly as the house itself:
The bedroom:

 The bathroom - lots of fish!
 The kitchen:

 And the living room (not many chairs - I wonder if there were more once? I might have to add some):

 Who will live here? I don't know yet, but they will certainly have lots of cats and dogs!


  1. I love the painted furniture. Reminds me of Dr. Seuss books.

    1. What a great thought! I will have a look through some Dr Seuss books for ideas on who might live here!

    2. Horton the Elephant? Or maybe it's a house in Whoville?

  2. This is a wonderful little house! So bright and cheery, and such a happy place for the cats and dogs. I have a favorite coffee mug that is very similar; it has cats, too, scattered all about, and makes me smile - just as your house does.

    1. I'm glad! I'm looking forward to finding happy cats and dogs to live here - and people too!

  3. Hello Rebecca,
    It is a beautiful one of a kind house. The painted detail is fantastic!
    Big hug

    1. Hello Giac, So glad you like it! I am really glad I bought it - I love the painted details too :-)

  4. Dear Rebecca, This is the most unique, happy, wonderful house I have Ever seen! What a treasure! What a "lucky" find for you. I hope you find Just the right family, animals and furniture to go into this. I love the suggestion that it looks like a Dr. Seuss house. But Please!..don't let the Cat In The Hat know where this house lives! This is the first time I have been to your blog (Well, twice in one day!) and I Love seeing the houses you recently bought and your Fair purchases and pictures. I hope it's ok if I explore more. Comfort (from DH&P)