Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sydney Fair Displays - Part 1

Two weeks ago, I was at the Sydney Miniatures and Dolls House Fair. I took quite a few photos of displays, and it's taking me a while to edit them for sharing, so here is a first look. 

There were several displays with a garden theme. 

Northside Miniatures (from the north shore of Sydney, I believe) had decided on a miniature gardens focus for their members' creations this year:
Displays by Elizabeth and David Allcroft (grey bowl) and Joan O'Connor (box with steps).
Displays by Pam Lyne (flowerpot at back left), Anne Lampe (glass bowl), Greta Gray (flowerpot in centre), Joan O'Connor (fenced roombox), Faye Ramsay (flowerpot on right).
Display by Pat Nowytager. Sorry, I don't know who made the garden in the bowl on the left.
As you can see, there are a lot of live plants in these displays. Another display with living plants was from Little Wonders of Wollongong - here, the maidenhair ferns make beautiful trees in this hilly landscape!
Displays by Barbara Jones, Sue White, Roslyn Hamilton and Noelene Freestone.
Another tiny cottage by Roslyn Hamilton. The snow globe at the back is by Dennis Hamilton.
I didn't see a name on the two displays below, just a note explaining that 'I' had been rather unpopular for giving members a flowerpot and asking them to make something within a short timeframe ... EDIT: I've now found photos of these on Chells Mini Corner on facebook, with a photo of the sign. It actually says "In July 2015 club members were each presented with a terracotta pot and told to "do something with that." My popularity soared to dizzy heights! Such was everyone's enthusiasm, work didn't begin until much later (Nov/Dec/Jan) and some members have yet to complete theirs. Amazing how different each one turned out."
Barb Loo: Pirates Ahoy!

A clever name - Hobpot Cottage, by Narelle Trembath! Out the front there are Pinecones For Sale.

Another display which used a container as the basis, in this case an Anzac biscuit tin:
I love how there are miniature Anzac biscuit tins in the display!
Anzacs by Maree Flaherty.

Div had gone down a scale this year. In past years, her creations have been in 12th scale, but as she is running out of space, she has started to work in 24th scale! Her display this year was the house of Lucian Gray, an illustrator. She hadn't been able to print out the backstory she usually has, but as you can see, the house and its furnishings are all in art deco style.
This is the only photo I took of the whole house open. It has the protective perspex, as Div wasn't there at the time to take it off. The other photos were taken without the perspex, just before Div packed it up - thanks, Div!
The left side, with studio, bathroom and kitchen.
Lucian Gray's studio

The central hall and stairs.
The upper landing.
The middle landing.
The ground floor hall - left side.
The ground floor hall - right side.
The right side of the house.
The balcony.
The bedroom.
The dining room, with a Bluebox sideboard on the right, and two of Margaret Crosswell's vases on the mantelpiece.
That's all for Part 1 - hopefully I'll sort the remaining photos of displays out soon for Part 2 - before or after I show what I bought at the fair!


  1. Hello Rebecca,
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. What amazing miniatures.
    Big hug

    1. Thanks for visiting, Giac! I always enjoy seeing the creations at this fair - there are some very talented miniaturists. More of their creations to follow soon!

  2. Muchas gracias por las fotos Rebecca y por acercarnos la feria a los que nos queda tan lejos!!!!

    1. Gracias, Pilar, me alegro de que los disfruten!

  3. great photo's.. we had an amazing day, it was wonderful to see you again.. i can't wait til next year.. much love..

    1. It was great, wasn't it! Maybe next year I'll even get organised to display a vintage house! lots of love xxx

  4. There really are a huge variety of miniatures. The Lucian Gray house is spectacular. I just would never have the patience.

    1. Yes, there was a good variety. Div always produces something amazing - always true to the period it's set in, and so full of details of the time and the character who lives there. I think you have the patience - anyone who has spent hours looking through microfilms has plenty! - but for other things, not this. I'm not good at finishing decorating a dolls house - I start with lots of enthusiasm, and usually run out before the curtains and bedding get made ;-) But I don't make or decorate from scratch, I collect vintage pieces to furnish vintage houses - I don't think I would have the perseverance to make something from scratch either. Always lovely seeing the results of other people's hard work!

  5. LOVE these!! Thanks so much for sharing this -- fantastic photos! The garden theme I love and reminds me of the Chelsea Flower Show (could this be called a Baby Chelsea, perhaps?) and then the Art Deco Artist's home is beyond stunning! Raises the bar for sure! :) Btw, am thinking about a box of trees you had shown in another posting, great idea to use - and real plants/flowers, wow! fun! :) Starr

    1. Real plants are popular with miniature Japanese style gardens - I remember making one when I was little. But I really like the way the maidenhair fern was used in that hilly scene - it blended in perfectly. Miniature villages use real plants very effectively, of course, but those houses are built to be outside, so there's much more scope for plants to thrive. It would be great to try some out with inside dolls houses, though, wouldn't it! I haven't yet used the trees you mentioned - somehow I have to work out better ways of displaying my houses so there's room for landscaping!