Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sydney Fair Displays, Part 2

This photo could have gone in Part 1, where I showed the two flowerpot creations. Here you see them next to a wonderful Venetian canal house was made by Lidi Stroud, (http://basketcase-miniatures.blogspot.com.au/) of Nambucca Heads. (Thanks, m1k1!)
This did have a decorated interior, though I believe it wasn't finished - but what I particularly loved is the 'water', green and semi-opaque ... and the discolouring of the stone near the water.

Another aged house, one of my favourite displays at this fair - this is from Mountain Miniatures, who did not give any individual names of members who created the displays:
 The bedroom - a sagging mattress, and walls lined with old newspaper ...
 Two views of the kitchen - notice the protruding spring in the chair
 Lots of baked beans, some weetbix - and eggs from the chooks on the front verandah!
 A broken window, chook poo and straw everywhere - and rusty corrugated iron under the verandah. This house got lots of admiring comments!

Here's the whole of Mountain Miniatures display:

The large house was another of my favourites - a calendar shows that it's set in 1973, and it has fantastic 1970s colours and designs!

Main bedroom
Upstairs landing (though the stairs are imaginary)
 You can just see into the bathroom!
 A teenager's bedroom, perhaps
 The living room
 Another view of the living room, and the wooden divider by the front door
 The kitchen, with a calendar open to October 1973

 Another Mountains Miniatures creation - a sandwich bar in a lunchbox!

There was a big display of Queenslanders - Warren Barnard makes kits of these houses in 1/48th scale, and he had run a workshop making them the weekend before the fair, resulting in a small town!

From Tamworth came a street of 12th scale tiny bungalows:
 Margaret Webster's on the left - and a better view of the tank at the side:
The inside of Margaret's cottage:
Margaret had also made the tray of odds and ends - for her cottage and for other members, too. She wasn't really happy with the pot belly stove, which she said is not quite right for this kind of cottage - but it looks nice and cosy anyway!
 Next to Margaret's was Diane Allwell's:
Then came one without a name:
Then a lovely cottage made by Annette Waters of Armidale. Sadly, Margaret told us that Annette had died not long before the fair, but they decided to bring her little house anyway. I'm glad they did - it's beautifully finished.
 [EDIT: I have been asked to remove the photos of the last cottage.]
There were lots of other displays, many that I didn't get photos of - here's one other I did take, a Japanese room in a tea box:

And finally, the amazing creations of Lewis Morley and Marilyn Pride. Lewis had a cinema this year, with a scene set just outside the foyer:

Lewis actually took out the box office so I could see inside it - but I didn't take a photo! The attendant's interrupted lunch is sitting on the bench ...

 Some close-ups of the bright yellow Vespa, where hopefully you can see the stickers on it:

Marilyn's scene is a bit gorier - don't scroll down if you don't like blood and guts!

That's Marilyn behind the tree.
Marilyn started to explain that the priestess was an ancient Cretan. To me she is readily identifiable, but apparently, while everybody knows about ancient Egypt, Marilyn has found that hardly anyone knows about ancient Crete.

 That's all my photos of the displays at this year's fair - I hope you've enjoyed them.


  1. Hi Rebecca, thanks so much for sharing these fabulous photos!! Wow, there are so many incredible displays, love them all! Such a lot of detail to take in, I'll be revisiting these to enjoy more fully. Very touching and the emotions range from laughter to tears, getting sentimental here. Awe-inspiring; such a lot of creativity and talent! Thanks again :) Starr

    1. You're welcome, Starr! Glad other people can enjoy these wonderful creations too :-)

  2. Que escenas tan bonitas y tan diferentes entres sí!! Muchas gracias por compartirlas,me han gustado mucho!!

  3. The Venetian House was made by Lidi Stroud, (http://basketcase-miniatures.blogspot.com.au/) of Nambucca Heads.